May. 3rd, 2013

This is "The Water Cycle" performed by "AppleChor", a choir of elementary school children from Racine, Wisconsin, conducted by a lovely chap called Jack Senzig. Music by me! Words by Julia Laylander, an American poetess. The three of us have never met but we made this.

Once I was a raindrop falling from the sky:
I trickled down a stream into a river rushing by.
The river full of raindrops washed me out to sea,
The currents took me round the world,then sunshine set me free:
It's called evaporation, and now I'm in a cloud,
A vapor soaring higher, and feeling very proud,
I'm floating in the troposphere, a lovely place to be:
If you were up this high as well, just think what you could see!
But oh! it's very cold up here, my molecules are freezing,
And soon I'll be a snowflake, and maybe I'll start sneezing!
But now I see a mountaintop: I think I'll float on down
And join the other snowflakes in their sparkly frozen town.
When it's springtime and I'm melting, and all my friends are, too,
We'll be flowing down the mountainside, in rivers old and new,
Heading for the ocean, but we'll stop along the way,
So all can have enough to drink, each and every day.
My name is always water, you can call me H2O:
I'm liquid, solid, vapor too, I'm flexible you know!
It's called the water cycle, all these changes I go through.
I do like being water, wouldn't you, wouldn't you?
I do like being water, wouldn't you?
precipitation, evaporation, condensation, freezing

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