Oct. 16th, 2016

I felt I had to do something to combat racism, xenophobia and hatred in the UK. I write music. So here it is: #choirsagainstracism - free music at http://www.hutchingsmusic.co.uk/choirsagainstracism . Free to use to fight for equality, refugees' rights, political causes, staying in the EU, fundraising for anti-racist causes or to support people abroad who need it... if in doubt about whether it's OK to use this music, email me, hutchingsmusic@hotmail.com .

Thank you so, so much to Michael Rosen for giving me permission to use his text for the first piece, "I Was Listening..." for piano, singer(s) and optional speaking chorus or solo speaker.

The second piece is "No Man Is An Island", a John Donne setting for 3-part choir, fairly easy.

More to be added soon hopefully. It won't necessarily be all pieces by me.

All choirs are welcome to use these pieces to fight xenophobia, raise funds for refugees or against racism, pursue political causes, etc. If in doubt about whether it's appropriate, email me. (Non-profit causes only for now please, ask me before making recordings for sale.)

P.S. Please share with any choirs or singers you know.

(yes, I know hashtags are meaningless on Livejournal)

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