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And a bit of good news I hadn't shared on here yet:

"Dear Chris,
Congratulations, you have won the Chigwell Choir composition competition! Judith and I loved your piece and thought the text was very creative. The prize is a performance and £400 cash.
You will be presented the award by composer Judith Bingham on the below date. You are welcome to attend the rehearsal on the day of the concert too - let me know.
You'll be contacted by the choir's admin team shortly to give more information.
Congrats again!
All best

Saturday, 15th November 2014, 7:30 pm
100 Years of Poppies
at the New Hall, Chigwell School, East London (Buckhurst Hill, nearest tube station)"

Would anyone London-based like to join me at the concert? I could probably arrange comp tickets for up to 2 people.

The text in question:
"GS Chaplin, a military policeman who witnessed the execution at Arras on 31 October 1917, of Private JS Adamson, a 30-year-old soldier in the Cameron Highlanders, left this stark account in his journal. "Next morning the sun was shining and a touch of frost was in the air. I was sent up the road to stop any traffic and high up I had a bird's eye view. I saw the man brought out to the post, the firing squad march into positions, turn right and take up stand. I heard the report as they fired and saw the smoke from their rifles. They then turned and marched off. The officer with revolver in hand inspected the body then turned away. The dead man was then taken away on a blanket and buried in the small cemetery in the next field, it was over, I came down but it did not seem real."
(The Imperial War Museum gave me permission to use the text - I've asked them if they want some tickets to the concert or anything else I can do, but no reply yet.)
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