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Okay, so hopefully I will start posting a bit more regularly, as blogging seems to have a new lease of life now.

Most of what I actually post is on Twitter at twitter.com/hutchingsmusic, which is an account mainly related to my composing (and also some raving lefty politics) - I also have a Facebook account, feel free to add me if we've actually met in real life.

I also have a website for my composing - www.hutchingsmusic.co.uk (if you want to see the actual dots) and you can hear all my recorded works at soundcloud.com/hutchingsmusic . Several more recordings will be added in late April, as I just had several pieces recorded by a group in Edinburgh.

The main thing I've been doing lately is called #choirsagainstracism - basically free music to help refugees, fight hatred and prejudice, and change hearts and minds. It varies from a very simple unison carol (let's see if I can make embedding work) which could be sung with piano or guitar accompaniment:

to a three-part setting of "No Man Is An Island" (for men's voices here, but also available for ladies' voices or mixed choir):

to a slightly nuts eight-part setting of words by Kurdish refugees, available for upper voices only (SSSSAAAA) or mixed choir (SSAATTBB): no recording yet but you can download the score, demo recordings and piano reduction at the #choirsagainstracism page.

So that's what I've been up to lately (and also currently doing social media and website stuff for the Scottish Human Rights Commission). How about you folks?

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