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Past: school (King's Park in Dalkeith, Heriot's in Edinburgh), university (Cambridge for maths and then Hull for an MMus in composition - weird combination, I know). Did lots of maths and music things, came out, composed a lot and won a couple of awards for it, rediscovered my Christian faith, usual adolescent voyage of self-discovery. Did very little that was aimed towards getting a job and spent several months unemployed, then set up my own business, Ensemble Tours.

On 31st July 2004, I became engaged to ashfae. We have a flat in Falkirk. We got legally married on the 7th of January 2005, and our actual churchy marriage (which we'll celebrate as the wedding anniversary) was on March 12th 2005. (Having the dates here helps me remember them!)

After a few years of running Ensemble Tours, I decided it was time to get back into composing, and applied to do a PhD. Ensemble Tours ceased operating in August 2007.

Present: I'm doing a part-time PhD in composition at Glasgow University, and work part-time at Glasgow University Health Service two days per week. I also work part-time for Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, doing concert management. My composing can be found at .

Future: Do more composing. Hopefully get into music academia. Children will probably also appear at some point (eek!), but not for a few years yet.

A bit about me generally: bisexual, music-loving, Christian, non-smoker, occasional drinker, vegetarian, entrepreneur, good cook, ridiculously open-minded. I try to be nice to everyone.

LJ friends etiquette: I'm usually happy for people to read stuff (less than one entry in ten is friends-only). I'll add people back if they make interesting/useful comments, or we have a lot in common, or I want to read and sometimes comment on their journal (this will only be the case if you can spell and use grammar correctly most of the time).

Religion, life philosophy etc.: I'm a Christian, which is quite important to me, but I'm very very liberal, bisexual, and passionately non-evangelical (others have a right to believe as they wish, although I do tend to get annoyed if they're illogical or intolerant of others' beliefs). I've written a series of "sermons" as part of this journal to explain my religion to others, and to work out my own feelings as well:
02-03-03 - the first sermon: why I'm a Christian
09-03-03 - why I don't get along with some other Christians
16-03-03 - Christianity and sex
24-03-03 - other religions
22-04-03 - why do we worship?
17-05-03 - the nature of evil
05-06-03 - sin, repentance and forgiveness
14-06-03 - how to decide what you really believe
15-06-03 - your right to your truth, and others' rights to their own
19-07-03 - science, religion, and whether we can change our minds
31-08-03 - Why Would Jesus Care? - an attempt to understand God's motives, and what he wants from us
08-02-04 - thoughts on ethical capitalism
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